A recent blog post by Linda Kekelis, founder of Techbridge, highlights “10 promising practices to interest girls in engineering,” many of which are great practices to appeal to any broader audience of students. She offers that “teachers should … reach out to more kinds of students, not just the student who’s doing well in math,” and that we need to “be mindful of [our] messaging.” Part of this being mindful is to “know your audience and create marketing content that is culturally responsive to the interests of your target group.” The bottom line is that it takes thought and effort to continue to diversify the students who participate in elective or extracurricular engineering activities. Check out the rest of her blog post at: http://linkengineering.org/Prepare/6440/12279.aspx

This diversity tip was originally shared in the February 17, 2016 Newsletter.

If you have a diversity/inclusion tip or resource you would like to share with the division, please email Morgan Hynes morganhynes@purdue.edu.


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