Girl Robotics CompetitionVision

Every child engages in high-quality pre-college engineering education facilitated by effective educators.


To grow and sustain a community whose members collectively build expertise and capacity in pre-college engineering education knowledge and practice.

Pre-College Engineering Education

By “pre-college engineering education,” we simply mean engineering education that occurs prior to typical college- or university-age for students (i.e., for preschool through high school learners) in either formal or informal learning environments.

Core Beliefs

We value:

  • Being a part of a community of thought leaders in pre-college engineering education;
  • Research that continually improves our collective understanding of pre-college engineering teaching and learning;
  • Professional learning experiences for our members and for educators through conferences and professional workshops;
  • Educational resources that support high-quality pre-college engineering education;
  • Diversity within our membership and the engineering workforce, and among the children who ultimately benefit from the work that we do;
  • Dedicated and responsible service to the division and ASEE’s other pre-college engineering education efforts through elected leadership and volunteerism;
  • The development of leaders and advocates for pre-college engineering education within and beyond the division; and
  • Policies and standards within and beyond ASEE that support our mission and vision.

Organizational Documents

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