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Our division is pleased to let PreK-12 teachers know that there is special teacher rate to attend the annual conference. Signing up is done via an email request, not by the ‘regular’ registration site. If you are a teacher who would like to register, contact me for the details on this process. Martha

2019 ASEE Annual Conference – June 15 – 19, 2019

A friendly reminder to register for the conference and book your hotel!

 PCEE Division – Bylaws 

This year the Executive Committee has worked on updating the division bylaws. The draft of the revisions is now available for review and the required comment period for division members.

Review and comment period: May 1 – 31, 2019

You are welcome to read and review either the full version, or the ‘Cliff Notes’ version that only includes details about the sections where changes were proposed. After reviewing the proposed changes, please submit your thoughts on whether or not you support the suggested changes, or if you have suggested modifications that you would like to share.

Click here for the full version with modifications

Click here for the ‘Cliff Notes’ version

Submit your thoughts in this survey. Let us know whether or not you approve of these changes.

We will collect all the input during the review and comment period. This will be compiled and discussed by the Executive Committee and then a final version will be voted on at our business meeting on June 18th.

Fun Fact:

The lessons of engineering education are being discovered by the wider university community.

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