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As I’ve mentioned in past newsletters, the PCEE Division has piloted five initiatives this year in support of our division operation and vision, mission and core beliefs. I shared the results of one of those in the last newsletter. I’ll highlight two initiatives in this newsletter.


  1. Social Media Challenge (#PCEEChallenge): This spring, we encouraged division members and others to share their best practices and strategies that demonstrate inclusion, educational equity and diversity in teaching pre-college engineering through a video, essay, podcast, infographic, blog, etc. The winner of the Social Media Challenge earned $1000 of travel reimbursement to the upcoming conference in Columbus.


Congratulations the #PCEEChallenge winner, Samantha Selikoff! Her entry, “Everyone is able to Invent” demonstrates how elementary school students can be engaged in engineering through creating designs that are important to them. Ms Selikoff is currently working on her Masters degree in integrative STEM Education at The College of New Jersey. She completed this activity during her clinical experience. She will be attending the ASEE Pre-College Workshop and the ASEE conference in Columbus, OH.


We’ll be posting Samantha’s video to our website,, shortly.


  1. Perhaps less exiting, however very useful, is that our division now has a Business Cloud Account! We have been using this account so that we can share documents easily across executive committee members and from one executive committee to another. It has been a helpful tool already.


Reminders for those attending Columbus this year:

  • Please be sure to purchase tickets for the reception on Tuesday night from 7-9:00 pm in Union A of the Hyatt Regency Columbus. It’s right after the Division Business Meeting (5-6:00 pm) – I hope you can make that, too!
  • Also, we still need some help with the exhibit hall booth. See announcements, below.

For those not attending the conference this year: we hope to see you next year, and please forgive the newsletters that focus on the conference. Much of our volunteer time on the committee is dedicated to the conference.


Take care,




Pamela S. Lottero-Perdue, Ph.D.

Chair, Pre-College Engineering Education Division

American Society for Engineering Education


Professor, Science Education

Director, Integrated STEM Instructional Leadership (PreK-6) Post-Baccalaureate Program

Department of Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences

Towson University








  • What’s this about? Pre-college/P-12 engineering education is being featured at the main booth of the Exhibit Hall this year in Columbus!
  • Why? To get the word out to ASEE members about what we are doing in the pre-college/P12 space and how we can do more in that space as an ASEE community.
  • Who is organizing this? The booth is organized by the Board of Directors Committee on P-12 Engineering Education, with collaboration from the PCEE Division to staff the booth.
  • So what are you asking PCEE Division members to do? Please sign up for an hour or more to help staff the booth! When you do so, you have an opportunity to share your experiences, give away prizes, and brag about your programs to everyone! Click this link to sign up:
  • Please share information with us to disseminate. This includes: publications, learning activity descriptions, summaries of collaborations between universities and P-12 organizations, P-12 teacher professional development programs, or any other types of resources that would help the broader ASEE membership better serve engineering education at the P12 level? If you have information to share, please contact Bruce Wellman ( Space is limited, so please email your printed-material-distribution suggestions to Bruce today!





An interdisciplinary team of faculty led by the Department of Engineering Education is seeking a Program Director for a three-year NSF funded project entitled Community-Engaged Engineering Interventions with Appalachian Youth. The project focuses on the collaborative design, implementation, and study of recurrent engineering-focused interventions with middle school youth in three rural and Appalachian communities. To achieve this aim, we partner with school educators and industry experts embedded in students’ local communities to collectively adapt an established open-source engineering outreach curriculum and facilitate regular in-class interventions throughout the academic year.

The Program Director will independently lead assigned projects and provide leadership over all community engagement efforts including serving as the main contact for the project, building strong relationships with partnering schools, industry representative. The Program Director will lead workshops and trainings. The Program Director is responsible for producing curricular materials in collaboration with researchers and generating progress reports to be shared with the stakeholders and appropriate media outlets. This position reports directly to the PI and will regularly collaborate with other faculty on the project. The project Director will delegate assignments as needed to the graduate research assistants and the part time research associate assigned to the project.

The ideal candidate will have experience in managing complex projects with diverse stakeholders, significant work with governmental, educational, and/or community services organizations, and excellent communication skills.

If interested, please apply here: or contact Dr. Jake Grohs,, for more details.




S152·2017 Toy Adaptation for Children with Special Needs (re-posted x3) Sat. June 24, 2017 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, Ballroom I, Columbus Convention Center, FREE REGISTRATION. The Community Engagement Division (CED) in collaboration with the Toy Adaptation Program at The Ohio State University (OSU) is organizing the Third Annual service event for all ASEE members.  We encourage you to register for this event and join us. []

During this event, we will reverse engineer everyday toys to allow children with special needs to enjoy and use the toys. Many toys rely on switches, toggles or buttons to work, but these can be difficult for some children with special needs to activate. The adapted toys will be donated to a local Adapted Toy Library. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage with community and campus partners to learn more about the toy adaptation program at The Ohio State University, toward hopefully bringing this program to their own institutions. Special thanks to Virginia Tech and PICs of ASEE for their support and sponsorship for this event. If you are interested in updates about this and future service events at ASEE, please  let us know at For additional information, please contact Malini Natarajarathinam at



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