K-12 & Pre-College Division Business Meeting

June 16, 2014

Minutes recorded by Monica Cardella

  1. Welcome & Introduction of the Current and Incoming Executive Board: Stacy Klein-Gardner


Executive Board:

Stacy Klein-Gardner, Chair

Liz Parry, Immediate Past Chair

Pamela Lottero-Perdue, Chair Elect

Sharlene Yang, Program Chair

Merredith Portsmore, Program Chair Elect

Monica Cardella, Secretary-Treasurer

Michael Stone, Publications Editor

Tanner Huffman, K-12 Representative

David Heil, Member at Large

Laura Bottomley, Member at Large

Melinda Higgins, Member at Large

Mary Phelps, Member at Large


Recently Elected Board Members (Incoming):

Program Chair Elect:  Nancy Ruzycki

Secretary/Treasurer (2014-16):  Steve O’Brien

K-12 Representative, PK-5:  Denise Webb

K-12 Representative, 6-12:  Bruce Wellman

K-12 Representative, Other:  Mindy Hart

Member(s) at Large (2014-16):  Morgan Hynes and Tanner Huffman


Additional Attendees listed on last page


  1. PIC IV Report: Maura Borrego

–       Improving the search capability in ASEE proceedings website was a frequent topic of feedback; now an action item

–       Diversity Committee Year of Action

  • Divisions are asked to consider programming for next year – opportunities to focus on diversity?
  • All divisions asked to consider changes to bylaws to include statements related to diversity (the K-12 division has included diversity in their bylaws since the beginning)
  • Safe zone training is being provided at every single time slot throughout the 2014 ASEE conference
  • Committee is compiling “best of the best” resources

–       During the Tuesday morning plenary the new ASEE logo will be revealed

  • Divisions need to start transitioning to new logo (particularly if the old logo is incorporated in the division’s logo – this does not apply to the K-12 division)

–       There is a new online membership renewal option

  • Members choosing this option won’t get print version of PRISM, but it is less expensive than other membership levels

–       There is no Awards banquet this year

  • Instead awards luncheon & a farewell reception (Wednesday afternoon)

–       Next ASEE will be June 14-17 in Seattle

–       Need volunteers to serve on committee for reviewing PIC best paper nominees

–       ASEE board meets in June & January (that is when they can vote on changes on bylaws)

  • Need to put it on agenda a week ahead of time
  • Many divisions are writing it into their bylaws to be able to have elections/ votes online

–       There is a new officer training on Wednesday

–       There is an interdivisional meeting (program chairs) on Wednesday


  1. K-12 Workshop: Pam Lottero-Perdue


–       Theme: Engineering Habits of Mind

–       Observation: Teachers began adopting the language, particularly during the luncheon

–       250 registered (but not as many on-site registrations)

–       11 concurrent sessions

  • will re-evaluate if that is the right number – some sessions seemed underenrolled, so 11 may be too many
  • mix of long & short sessions
    • some participants were a little confused by this (i.e. started getting up to leave in the middle of the long sessions)

–       A lot of sponsors

  • Stephanie Harrington-Hurd from ASEE headquarters did most of this
  • Added in sessions for the sponsors – which increased the number of concurrent sessions

–       Many other members were on the K-12 workshop committee

–       Thanks to the session proposal reviewers

  • Planning to provide a more substantial rubric for this for next year

–       Will be reviewing evaluation results to look for possible improvements

–       Stephanie was communicating with reviewers about reviews via email – but many of the requests went to spam

  • Will be using Monolith next year to make the review process go more smoothly

–       Working to keep the workshop financially viable


  1. ASEE-wide Committee on K-12 Engineering: Liz Parry

–       this was the second committee formed by ASEE (diversity was the other)

–       K-12 Engineering was re-confirmed by the board as a strategic direction in February

–       K-12 Engineering went from working group status to a standing committee (not many issues rise to this level)

  • international, diversity, and K-12 are the standing committees
  • acknowledges the importance of these issues
  • K-20 systems

–       board includes several members from K-12 division but also first-year and other divisions

–       first face-to-face meeting today

–       board is allowing funding for the committees

  • the three committees are planning to co-locate their meetings in December
  1. Treasurer’s Report: Monica Cardella

As of March 31, 2014 the balance for the operating account was $263.78 and the balance for the BASS account was $18,385.52. This is information that we received from ASEE Headquarters on June 12, 2014.

–       The operating account: ASEE gives us an operating account to be used for expenses associated with operating the division. The funds deposited in this account each year are meant to be spent within the fiscal year; any unspent money will “expire.” We typically spend this money on printing divisions newsletters for the ASEE annual conference (as well as other handouts), costs associated with maintaining the division’s website, and the conference call service used for executive board meetings.

–       The BASS account: This is analogous to our savings account; we collect interest on money in this account and the balance carries forward each year. Deposits come from membership dues. Expenses include honoraria and catering costs associated with the social co-sponsored with the MIND division and WIE division. The balance on our BASS account has stayed approximately the same over the past few years, fluctuating between about $16,000 and about $19,000.

VI. Diversity Committee: Teri Reed

–       In 2007 there was a year of dialogue on diversity

–       ASEE Executive Director Norman Fortenberry determined that instead of dialogue, we need action

–       The Diversity Committee began in 2009

–       Asking every entity (you, university, division…) to intentionally plan a diversity event this year

–       Teri replaces Laura Bottomley who was the initial K-12 representative on the Diversity Committee

–       K-12 is only one of four divisions that has diversity language in the bylaws

  • Diversity has been in our bylaws since we first wrote them
  • K-12 division invited to have a rep on the committee because we had language in our bylaws

–       The Diversity Committee is trying to identify papers related to diversity

  • Hoping to designate papers in the future as Diversity/International/K-12

–       Booth in exhibit hall

  • Lost booth for two years
  • Had to raise money to have the booth in the exhibit hall
    • College & industry partnerships (division) voted to give $1,000 to the committee to have a booth in the exhibit hall
    • K-12 committee can consider sponsoring the booth in the future
    • Divisions that sponsor the booth can have materials there
  • This year the Diversity Committee secured the booth just before the conference; there was a scramble to get affiliates represented at the booth
    • Hopefully next year K-12 will be more represented

–       The committee meets monthly

–       Email address – for suggestions: diversity@asee.org (email is monitored regularly)

VII: Other Activities: Stacy Klein-Gardner

–       engineering day at NSTA regional conferences

  • 6 sessions
  • complements biology day, chemistry day, etc.
  • K-12 members who attend go on their own dime
  • Typically 3 of the 6 sessions are common across site
  • The “Engineering Day” sessions at NSTA include an announcement about ASEE/ K-12 division – who we are, how to join
  • Relationship has generally been very successful
  • Upcoming conferences: Orlando, Southern California
  • Let the leadership know if you are interested in helping/ being involved in this in the future!
  • Question: How do we distinguish ourselves from NSTA?

–       Engineering standards for the professional development of teachers of engineering

  • Standards work was originated by Louis Nadelson & Cheryl Farmer and completed by Stacy Klein-Gardner & Cheryl Farmer
  • Matrix work led by Cheryl Farmer & Stacy Klein-Gardner with many contributors
  • Matrix for evaluating prof development offerings – whether each area is a high/medium/ low emphasis in the different areas
  • Tool for those providing PD & for schools/ administrators “buying” PD
  • Rolling out now – may see it on NAE website as well as ASEE
  • Working on figuring out how to get the word out
  • ASEE has financially supported this
  • Contact Stacy Klein-Gardner if you would like to see these

–       USA Science & Engineering Festival

  • This year was the third Festival
  • About 500,000 attend each year
  • Largely regional (in terms of teachers/ families)
  • PIC special funds granted $250 for us to use for booth
  • Total booth cost was $500 (our cost was $250 after the $250 grant from PIC special funds)
  • Division members took 2 hour shifts in the booth (13 different shifts)
  • Originally planned to do a workshop in the convention center too (we were given free space to do this)
    • Cancelled due to low registrations
  • Should we continue to do this? (have a booth, try to do workshops) in the future
    • No students came by on Friday
    • Our booth was not as big & flashy as some of the other booths
    • Challenge of changing staffing of the booth every 2 hours (maybe keep a stable activity but just change who is staffing the booth)
    • If we want to reach teachers, perhaps we should be at NSTA instead
      • Higher costs
      • Perhaps ASEE should have booth near the opening of the engineering section
        • Have people who are already at the event come & volunteer for a couple of hours
        • Another alternative: ASEE members who are going to be at festival already can advertise ASEE at their own booths
          • ASEE poster & handouts (then attendees see the logo/poster & handouts multiple times)
          • “Kit” that we send out – for USA Science & Engineering Festival and for other events, like NSTA
          • Link it to the year of diversity initiative
          • Build on our motto (Where engineering begins) – make it very clear what ASEE is/does
  • Look for opportunities to have teachers at the booths – teachers relate well to other teachers
  • Find places to set out materials without purchasing booth space

Goals Moving Forward: Stacy Klein-Gardner

–       Goal: the K-12 division recognized as the center for competency in pre-college engineering education

–       7 committees

  • increasing teacher involvement
  • identifying & nominating distinguished lectures (and collaborating with other divisions)
  • Sunday workshop – process of getting our workshops reviewed/selected for inclusion in the Sunday schedule
  • Awards committee
  • Division publication – publishing scholarly work & increasing teachers’ voices
  • K-12 Saturday workshop
  • K-12 teacher workshop model – replicable 1-day model and new kit for division members to use at conferences to spread the word about ASEE K12
  • Diversity year of action


ASEE K-12 and Precollege Division Business Meeting Attendance, June 16, 2014

Name (sorted by first name)
Amy Eguchi
Brandon Hernandez
Bruce Wellman
Cheryl Carrico
Chris Schnittka
Cynthia Carpenter
Denise Webb
Eugene Rutz
George Ricco
Jenna Carpenter
Jennifer Love
Jenny Melander
Johannes Strobel
John Carpinelli
Jonathan Russell
Larry G Richards
Laura Bottomley
Lena Gumaelius
Liz Parry
Lynn Albers
Manuel Figuerroa
Martha Cyr
Meagan Pollock
Merredith Portsmore
Mindy Hart
Mindy Zarske
Monica Cardella
Morgan Hynes
Nancy Ruzycki
P.J. Boardman
Pam Lottero-Perdue
Paul Post
Şenay Purzer
Stacy Klein-Gardner
Steve O’Brien
Susan Pruet
Terri Reed
Vikram Kapila

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