Dear PCEE Division Members,

Happy June to you!

Throughout the year, I have worked with subcommittees and members of the Executive Committee to:

  1. Create a vision statement, mission statement and core beliefs that reflect our work as a division; and
  2. Clarify the awards we give as a division, and the policies and procedures that are related to the awardnomination and selection process.

These are important enough to be included in our bylaws. Thus, today begins a 21-day comment period on this draft bylaws document, which has been posted on the division’s new website – still a bit under construction, and looking great so far! Click here to read the draft bylaws document (with old text in blue and strikeout, and new text in red). Click here to go to the SurveyMonkey survey to provide feedback on the bylaws draft (you’ll need your ASEE ID).


We will be voting on the new bylaws at our Division Business Meeting, which is on Tuesday, June 28 from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM at the Hampton Inn & Suites, Hampton – Riverside III. Even if you cannot come to the business meeting, please look at the draft and comment on it in the survey. THANK YOU in advance for your participation.


Also, in the last newsletter, I mentioned one special session at the conference (about the NAEP Technology and Engineering Literacy Assessment process and results). This week, I want to highlight another special session, where division members will share their perspectives on urgent issues and actions in transforming preschool through high school education and pre-service teacher education:


T433A Panel: Next Steps in PK-12 Transformation: Urgent Issues and Actions

Tue. June 28, 2016 1:15 PM to 2:45 PM

New Orleans Convention Center, 267

Click here for more information.


Please read the announcements, below, many of which are new. Reminder: please pass along newsletter items for me to share with the division. Keep them to a paragraph or so.


Take care,





Pamela S. Lottero-Perdue, Ph.D.

Chair, Pre-College Engineering Education Division

American Society for Engineering Education


Associate Professor of Science Education

Director, Integrated STEM Instructional Leadership (PreK-6) Post-Baccalaureate Program

Department of Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences

Towson University








Associate Dean and Associate/Assistant Professor Positions at Campbell University: We have two new faculty positions open in Campbell University’s new School of Engineering, with start dates of January 1, 2017:  Associate Dean and Assistant/ Associate Professor  These both provide opportunities to be part of the exciting new engineering school we are building at Campbell.


Postdoctoral Associate: Virginia Tech. A search for an I-STEM Ed Postdoctoral Associate is currently in progress at Virginia Tech. The posting can be found at:


Position: Elementary Engineering, HTe North County. Start Date: August 1, 2016Elementary engineering teachers work with all students in Kindergarten through fifth grade. They collaborate with classroom teachers to create interdisciplinary projects that create opportunities for real-world engineering, reading, writing, and math applications. Elementary teachers work to create lifelong learners, philosophers, creators, and revolutionaries. In addition, the Engineering teacher creates learning experiences that support kids in not just being consumers of technology, but creators and innovators.  For more information contact meehan.rj@gmail.com 



June 26 Sunday Workshops in New Orleans! These are hosted by our division! Get your tickets now!

  • “Teachers Talking about Engineering: How to Incorporate Engineering in K-12 Classrooms,” 9:00 am – noon, New Orleans Convention Center, 265
  • “Transforming Typical Engineering Challenges into Effective Learning Experiences for Elementary Students,” 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, New Orleans Convention Center, 271

For more details about these Sunday workshops, go to the online session locator

STEM Think Tank and Conference. Looking for a way to improve your professional practice around females in STEM?  Join the 5th annual STEM Think Tank and Conference July 13-15 at the Harpeth Hall School in Nashville, TN.  Founded and led by the leading girls’ schools in the country, you’ll find sessions that you can put to use immediately in your classroom or summer program.  For more information see or email




A Town Hall with PIC Chairs to discuss divisions offering mid-year meetings specifically for their members.  This will be a Question & Answer session.  All are invited to attend.

W159C·PIC TOWN HALL: Open discussion exploring mid-year division meetings

Business · ASEE Headquarters

Wed. June 29, 2016 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM

New Orleans Convention Center, 253




Calling women engineers who graduated from college in the 1970s! Consider taking a short survey about your experiences. Your story matters! Laura Ettinger, Associate Professor of History at Clarkson University, will be using this information for her book on your generation of pioneering women engineers. The survey will be conducted for six weeks starting TODAY – June 1.  The survey should take between 10-25 minutes to complete.  All responses will be kept confidential:

The survey is for women who earned undergraduate degrees between 1970 and 1979, with majors in engineering, or with other majors but who worked as engineers at some point in their lives. Women who did not remain in engineering, or in the workforce, are strongly encouraged to participate.


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