PCEE_AnnualReport2016 was a great year for the PCEE division. Our annual report, released in June, describes highlights from the Annual Conference and K-12 Workshops, as well as a long list of achievements from the year. In addition, you will find the names of the award winners, basic division membership stats, and goals for the next year.

Conference Highlights

  • A well-attended Saturday K12 Annual Workshop, and five Sunday Workshops.
  • 2016 program submissions: 201 abstracts and 119 finalized papers.
  • Papers were organized into 5 categories: Research to Practice, Fundamental, Evaluation, Work in Progress and Curriculum/Resource Exchange; rubrics were refined for each category.
  • Each paper received 3 independent blind reviews. 478 members reviewed papers, and provided thoughtful feedback. THANK YOU!!
  • PCEE at the 2016 ASEE Conference:
    • 20 technical sessions for 91 orally presented papers
    • 12 Resource and Curriculum Exchange presentations
    • 16 Works in Progress posters
    • Events: Mixer (Sun), Reception (Mon), Business Meeting (Tue)
    • Special Sessions: Next Steps in PK-12 Transformation Panel (Tues), Measuring Technology & Engineering Literacy on the Nation’s Report Card (Wed), PCEE Division Distinguished Lecture (Wed)
    • Co-Sponsored Sessions: Interdivisional Town Hall (ABET changes) (Mon), K-12 STEM Engineering/Physics Education (Mon), and WIED Technical Session: Pre-College Programs for Women (Wed)

Accomplishments in 2015-2016

  • K12 Teacher Workshop coordination with Frontiers in Education
  • A new Division name
  • A new logo
  • An updated website (more to come!)
  • Vision, Mission & Core Beliefs Development
  • Updated Awards Descriptions, Policies and Procedures
  • Diversity tips in our newsletters
  • NSTA Regional and STEM Forum participation
  • New Vision, Mission and Core Beliefs statements

Looking ahead to 2016-2017

  • New committees: Blog + Webinar, Booth + Toolkit, PCEE Teacher Member
  • Commit to P12 activities throughout the year and at the Annual Conference and Expo in Columbus, OH
  • Sat, June 24, 2017: P12 Teacher Workshop – Columbus, OH
  • Sun, June 25 – 28, 2017: ASEE Annual Conference – Columbus, OH
  • Nominations for elected positions: February, 2017


718 division members

6% of all ASEE members

703 division members last year

PCEE Division Awards

Ken Hunter, Lifetime Achievement Award

Stacy Klein-Gardner, Meritorious Service Award

Bruce Wellman, Meritorious Service Award

Pam Lottero-Perdue & Liz Parry, Best Paper

ASEE Awards

Liz Parry – ASEE Fellow

Download the 2016 Annual Report